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  • Name : SolarEdge Home Battery 10kWh 1ph Retrofit package
  • Vendor : SolarEdge
  • Type : Storage Systems
  • Manufacturing : 2024 / 05 / 22
  • Barcode : SE-BATTERY-10KWH-PACK
This part is made up of the following items:
1 x SE-BATTERY02-10KWH SolarEdge Home Battery - 1PH 400V 9.7kWh Battery v02
1 x SE-WND-3Y400-MB-K2 1PH/3PH 230/400V SolarEdge Energy Meter K2 with Modbus Connection
1 x IAC-RBAT-HANDLE-01 SolarEdge Handles for Manoeuvring Home Battery 400V
1 x ENET-HBCL-01 SolarEdge Home Network - SetApp Inverters
1 x SE-CT-SPL-100A-A 100A Split-Core Current Transformer for SolarEdge Energy Meters with Modbus Connection
1 x MC4-SPL-2 Staubli MC4 Splitter Male and Female Variants (Pack of 2 Pairs)

SolarEdge Energy Bank 10kWh Battery. Optimized for SolarEdge StorEdge with HD-Wave technology inverters. Integrates with the complete SolarEdge residential offering, providing a single point of contact for warranty, support, training, monitoring and simplified logistics.

Please note this package includes the Energy Net Plug-In for the SetApp inverter range, for communication between the inverter and battery, 4 x handles for the carrying and manoevering of the battery and a pair of Staubli MC4 Y connectors in case the systems PV inverter only has 1 pair of DC inputs. These ancillaries may not be required for every installation so please feel free to check and remove any items you do not require.

You may also want to consider‚ IAC-RBAT-FLRSTD-01 if you wish to floor mount this battery. Additionally please note if the installation already has a SolarEdge Modbus meter, the additional meter in this system (part code:‚ SE-WND-3Y400-MB-K2) will not be required. Finally, if this is not your first installation you may already have‚ IAC-RBAT-HANDLE-01 ‚ (handles for lifting the battery) in which case these can also be removed from the package.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Please note installers must be trained and certified in order to install this battery. Installer certification course is available in the‚ Solar Edge Edge Academy .

If you have any technical queries about this product or wish to report any issues with the information on this page then please use the Contact Form to contact us.
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