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Projoy DC Isolator 25A 2pole 1string
K&N Three Phase AC Switch Disconnector 25A
K&N Dual String DC Switch Disconnector 25A 330V -  18A 600V (per string)
Projoy Firefighter Safety Switch 4 pole 2 Strings With MC4 40A per String
K&N Single String DC Switch Disconnector 27A 800V - 25A 1000V
Enclosed DC Switch IP66 4 pole 2 string 25A 800V
Enclosed DC Switch IP66 2 pole 1 string 25A 800V
Projoy Firefighter Safety Switch 20 Pole 10 String with MC4 20A per String
Givenergy PV Protection - 800V - 20A - 1PH
K&N Three Phase AC Switch Disconnector 250A

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