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  • Name : Pylontech Pelio-L-5.12 LV Battery Module
  • Vendor : Pylontech
  • Type : Storage Systems
  • Manufacturing : 2024 / 05 / 22
  • Barcode : PYL-PELIO-L-5.12

Pylontech Pelio-L-5.12 LV Battery Module

  • Expandable modular design, up to‚ 20*5.12kWh in parallel (3-modules stack for‚ wall mounting‚ and 4-modules‚ stack for‚ ground mounting)
  • High energy density cells makes for lightweight but high capacity batteries
  • Smaller footprint and indoor/outdoor compatible to save your valuable space
  • Secured by self-developed cells. modules and BMS
  • Dual active protection mechanism enhances safety significantly
  • Designed for 15+ years or >8000 charging cycles
  • Compatible with many common inverter manufacturers such as Solis or Deye (see attached document)
Required:‚ PYL-PELIO-WALL-MOUNT‚ (Wall-Mounted Installation Package) OR‚ PYL-PELIO-GROUND-MOUNT ‚ (Ground-Mounted Installation Package)

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Supplier Part No:
45 kg
Rated Power:
5,120 W

Optional other parts
One of the followingBattery Mounting
PYL-PELIO-GROUND-MOUNT Pylontech Pelio-L-5.12 LV Battery Module
PYL-PELIO-WALL-MOUNT Pylontech Pelio-L-5.12 LV Battery Module