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SKU: N5014307-100A
  • Name : NH Fuse-link 100A for KETO-00
  • Vendor : Jean Muller
  • Type : Storage Systems
  • Manufacturing : 2024 / 05 / 22
  • Barcode : N5014307-100A

100A fuse link to be used with the‚ Keto-00‚ disconnector switch.

The Keto-00 requires two fuses.‚

On Special Offer!
KETO-00-100A KETO Battery Disconnector with 100A Fuses
PYL-L2-BMU-BASE-L10.65 Pylon Force-L2 Low Voltage System 10.65kWh
PYL-L2-BMU-BASE-L14.20 Pylon Force-L2 Low Voltage System 14.2kWh
PYL-L2-BMU-BASE-L7.10 Pylon Force-L2 Low Voltage System 7.10kWh

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Supplier Part No:
0.17 kg
Jean Muller

Other Parts
are required
KETO-00 Jean Muller Fuse-switch-disconnector KETO size 00 body (battery isolator)
Possible Alternatives
N5014907-160A NH Fuse-link 160A for KETO-00