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  • Name : 66.6kW Synergy Manager FUSE DC Switch, MC4, DC SPD, Fuses
  • Vendor : SolarEdge
  • Type : Inverters
  • Manufacturing : 2024 / 05 / 22
  • Barcode : SE-66600-FUSE-FULL
This part is made up of the following items:
2 x SE-SYNERGY-RSD Synergy Secondary Unit with RapidShutdownDevice
1 x SE-66600-MNGR-F 66.6kW Synergy Manager FUSE DC Switch, MC4, DC SPD, 25A Fuses

Three Phase Synergy Inverter

Main features:

  • Pre-commissioning feature for automated validation of system components and wiring during the site installation process and prior to grid connection.
  • Easy 2-person installation with lightweight, modular design (each inverter consists of 2 or 3 Synergy Units and one Synergy Manager).
  • Independent operation of each Synergy Unit enables higher uptime and easy serviceability.
  • Built-in thermal sensors detect faulty wiring ensuring enhanced protection and safety.
  • Built-in arc fault protection and optional rapid shutdown (depending on Synergy Manager used)
  • Built-in PID mitigation for maximized system performance.
  • Monitored‚ and field-replaceable surge protection devices: integrated RS485 and Type 2 DC SPDs, optional Type 2 AC SPD.
  • Integrated DC safety switch eliminates the need for external DC isolators.
  • DC Fuses (Single Pole) 25A, optional‚ required for more than 3 strings only‚
25Amp fuse is NOT compatible with the S1200 optimisers. 30Amp fuse (per phase) replacement is required for this inverter to work with the S1200 optimiser.‚
Please note FULL parts consist of 1x Synergy Manager and 2x Synergy Units ( 3x for 90 and 100kW)
Some documents are currently missing. These will be added as soon as available.‚

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82 kg
Rated Power:
66,600 W
Min PPT Voltage:
0 V
Max PPT Voltage:
0 V
DC Startup Voltage:
0 V
DC Shutdown Voltage:
0 V
Max Input Voltage:
1,000 V
Max DC Power:
100,000 W
Max AC Power (5 Minutes):
66,600 W
Surge AC Power (1 Second):
66,600 W
Max DC Current:
80 A
Max DC Inputs:
Has DC Fuses:
Included Connectors:
Euro Efficiency:
98 %
MPPT Quantity :
Has Integrated DC Switch:
12 years

Providers of distributed solar power harvesting and PV monitoring systems. SolarEdge maximises power generation of residential and large scale PV systems for faster return on investment.

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SE-WAR-20Y-MNGR-50-80K 66.6kW Synergy Manager FUSE DC Switch, MC4, DC SPD, Fuses
Possible Alternatives
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SE-66600-SWITCH-FULL 66.6kW Synergy Manager SWITCH DC Switch, MC4, DC SPD
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