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  • Name : Tiger Neo 475Wp TOPCon N-Type Mono Black Frame
  • Vendor : Jinko
  • Type : Panels
  • Manufacturing : 2024 / 05 / 22
  • Barcode : JKM475N-60HL4-V-BF

Tiger Neo N-type 60HL4 475 Watt

Jinko reaches 23.53% module efficiency with TOPCon, high-efficiency

N-Type TOPCon technology have three main highlights:


* Combination of lower degradation and zero LID and LeTID will significantly reduce generation performance decline over time and exposure to the environment.

* Lower temperature coefficient will maximize irradiation meanwhile overcome power loss due to raised heat

  • SMBB Technology: Better light trapping and current collection to improve module power output and reliability.
  • PID Resistance: Excellent Anti-PID performance guarantee via optimized mass-production process and materials control.
  • Enhanced Mechanical Load: Certified to withstand: wind load (2400 Pascal) and snow load (5400 Pascal)
  • Durability Against Extreme Environmental Conditions:‚ High salt mist and ammonia resistance.

‚  12 Year Product Warranty 30 Year Linear Power Warranty ‚

Dimensions: 2278x1134x35mm

Due to size of the panels and‚ size of the gap between the slats of the pallets (both length and width entries) fork lift truck on site is required to offload these modules.‚

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Supplier Part No:
22 kg
Rated Power:
475 W
MCS Reference:
1,903 mm
1,134 mm
30 mm
35.21 V
13.49 A
14.23 A
42.21 V
Temp. Coefficient (Mpp):
-0.3 %
Clamp position on panel:
Long and short side
Connector Type:
22.0 %
Pallet Size:

JinkoSolar Holding Co., Ltd. ( NYSE Stock Code: JKS ) is one of the PV manufacturers with a vertically integrated model, producing high quality crystalline ingots, wafers, cells, and mono- and multi- crystalline PV panels. Jinko's full control over the production chain from start to finish allows it to guarantee the highest quality for the products and a much more efficient cost structure. With more than 10,000 professionals employed in factories in Shangrao (Jiangxi) and Haining (Zhejiang) covering more than 165 acres this chinese manufacturer offers high standards.

Jinko's company culture and values have remained strong and steadfast despite all of the changes the industry has experienced. This is a strong testament to the adaptability and resilience of employees and continues to be a key factor in its success and growth.

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