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SKU: VIR-PV16-405-M10
  • Name : Clearline High Performance Monocrystalline All Black 405W
  • Vendor : Viridian
  • Type : Panels
  • Manufacturing : 2024 / 05 / 22
  • Barcode : VIR-PV16-405-M10

405 Wp Clearline PV High Performance Monocrystalline Silicon Solar Photovoltaic Panel.

M10 format half cut cells, black backing sheet. For roof integration with M10 roofing kits.

Full SPG Renewables Designer support pending, in the meantime full systems can be designed‚ https://www.fusionconfigurator.com/

  • Simple roof integration with clean,low-profile aesthetic for new build and retrofit
  • Rapid installation times of less than 45 min/kWp easily achieved
  • Compatible with the widest range of slate and tile including special fixings for different batten thickness
  • Fitted during the normal roofing programme, enabling clarity of responsibility and safe working practices
  • Achieves highest fire rating and wind resistance without modifications to the roof

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Supplier Part No:
25 kg
Rated Power:
405 W
1,722 mm
1,134 mm
70 mm
31.02 V
13.06 A
13.62 A
37.05 V
Temp. Coefficient (Mpp):
-0.35 %
Clamp position on panel:
Long and short side
Connector Type:
20.7 %
Pallet Size:
Use our quick configurator tool to identify possible panel and inverter configurations: Quick Config

Compatible Micro-Inverters
EN-IQ7PLUS-72-M-INT Enphase IQ7 Plus 60 and 72 cell MC4 integrated Microinverter 230 &400VAC.
EN-IQ8AC-72-M-INT Enphase IQ8AC 54 to 72 cell Microinverter 366 VA peak power MC4
EN-IQ8AC-72-M-INT-3PH Enphase IQ8AC 54 to 72 cell Microinverter 366 VA peak power MC4
EN-IQ8HC-72-M-INT Enphase IQ8HC 54 and 72 cell Microinverter 384 VA peak power MC4
Possible Alternatives
JAM54S-31-405-MR-AB JA Solar 405W Mono MBB PERC Half-Cell All Black MC4
REC405TP5-AB REC TwinPeak 5 Series 405W All Black
Compatible Optimisers
P850-2.2-LI-1.3-MC4 P850 Optimiser 850W MC4 2x High Power/Bi-facial 2.2m with 1.3m input length
P850-2.2-MC4 P850 Optimiser 850W MC4 2x High Power/Bi-facial 2.2m
P950-2.2-1.3-MC4 P950 Optimizer 950W MC4 2 x high power or bi-facial modules with 1.3m input length
P950-2.2-MC4 P950 Optimizer 950W MC4 2 x high power or bi-facial modules
S1000-LI-MC4 S1000 Power Optimizer Long Input (1.3m)
S1000-MC4 S1000 Power Optimizer
S1200-LI-MC4 SolarEdge S1200 Commercial Power Optimizer
S1200-MC4 S1200 Power Optimizer
S1400-MC4 S1400 Power Optimizer
S440-MC4 Solar Edge S440 Power Optimizer
S500-MC4 Solar Edge S500 Power Optimizer
P505-MC4 SolarEdge P505 Optimiser MC4 High Current for Bi-Facial
TS4-A-O Tigo TS4 PV Module Advanced Add-On/Retrofit
P750-MC4 SolarEdge P750 Optimiser MC4 High Current for Bi-Facial
SUN2000-450W-P2 Huawei SUN2000 450W Smart PV Optimizer
SUN2000-600W-P Huawei SUN2000 600W Smart PV Optimizer