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  • Name : Firefighter Safety Switch 4P 2xMPPT 16A 1000V / 32A 650V with knock outs
  • Vendor : Santon
  • Type : Switches
  • Manufacturing : 2024 / 05 / 22
  • Barcode : SAN-DFS-14

The new, improved Firefighter's Safety Switch system from Santon is designed for automatic (remote/motorised) disconnection of the DC output from an installed array of PV modules.

16A 1000V

20A 850V

25A 800V

32A 650V

The Firefighter Safety Switch system can operate/disconnect a PV installation quickly, completely and remotely with one simple action at the control-panel interface, or even by remote actuation using the mobile phone network. By shutting off the installation, no DC power is conducted from the array through the property which results in a safe situation for firefighters to fight the fire and enter the building.

This unit is 16A 1000V / 32A 650V 4P and it has cable knock outs‚ only.‚

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Supplier Part No:
1.39 kg
Max Cable:
0 mm 2
Max Voltage:
0 V

Santon is specialized in switchgear technology and supplies many customer-specific solutions in the field of electro-mechanical switchgear.

The solutions often concern situations where standard switches are not satisfactory or where standard switches must be adapted to meet customer requirements.

All Santon products and services are developed and executed with focus on reliability, safety and ease of installation. Therefore all Santon products are produced according to the latest European en International standards and Santon itself is ISO9001 accredited.

Possible Alternatives
SAN-DFSHP-14-MC4 Firefighter Safety Switch 4P 2xMPPT 40A 1000V with MC4 and 1 x M12 gland